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musician, sample enthusiast, crate digger and hardware addict. born in '98.


yep, that's basically it. i'm nic! born, raised and living in norway. I started (properly) making music some years ago. still doing it to this day. always been a big fond of sample-based music and crate digging, so you'll find a lot of that. but also a lot of original material.


i've done some stuff which I put on spotify. I find them more like "mixes" than a proper full project, though. so if you want updated stuff, go check my soundcloud.  i've been working on my full-length album for a while now..soon done. so watch out for that when that drops.


need beats? wanna create something together? use my music for something?

hit me up!


oh and for all the listeners, thank you and I hope you like what you hear.