Samples used by Diplo (updated 28. dec 2018)

Diplo - Sound & Fury (2000)


1. Form Diplo

<none found>


2. One

Clifford Coulter - Worry Bout' It Later [main sample]

Egg - I Will Be Absorbed [second sample]

Dr. Timothy Leary - The Trip [vocals, outro]


3. Making It Hard

Hollins and Starr - Sideways Talking [main]

The Ventures - Vibrations [outro surf sample]


4. Variation In Krunk

<none found>


5. When Eggnog Goes Bad

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Theme De Yoyo [main]


6. Toad Wop

<none found>


7. Support (Your Local Travel Agent)

The Advancement - Stone Folk [main]

Dr. Timothy Leary - The Scene [vocal sample]


8. Slow Fall

Richard Twice - If I Knew You Were The One [flute sample]

Simon Park Orchestra - Dawn Till Dusk [outro sample]


9. Krunk Epistomology

The 24-Carat Black - Mother's Day [third sample, trumpets]

Les DeMerle - A Day In The Life [end short sample 1]

Lyn Collins - Put It On The Line [end short sample 2]

Maxayn - Bail Out [end short sample 3]

Curtis Knight - Give You Plenty Lovin' [end short sample 4]


10. Lost Under My Sheets

Harumi - Hunters Of Heaven [main]

Merryweather & Carey - Shop Around [drums]


11. Dana

Weather Report - Scarlet Woman [first sample]

Paul Horn - Parque Laje (A Park in Rio) [second guitar]

Paul Horn - Quarup (Worship Ceremony) [bird fx]


12. Science Quadraped

Pearls Before Swine - Images Of April [second sample]

Dr. Timothy Leary - The Trip [vocals, intro]

Les DerMerle - A Day In The Life [drums]


13. Clear Day

Gene Harris - Feeling You, Feeling Me Too! [first sample]

Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier - Teen Tonic [second sample]


14. Uppity

Stark Reality - Junkman's Song [main sample & drums]


15. Light In August

Eberhard Weber - Seriously Deep [piano sample]

Beth Orton - She Cries Your Name [violin sample]

Bernard Purdie - Modern Jive [drums]


16. Coming Soon

<none found>


17. Untitled

<none found>




Diplo - Thingamajawn (2003)


1. Thingamajawn (Binary Elementary Version)

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Theme De Yoyo [main]

Incredible Bongo Band - Last Bongo In Belgium [2nd break]


2. Thingamajawn (Baltimore Version)

<none found>




Diplo - Epistemology Suite (2003)


1. Epistemology Suite 1: Don't Fall

24-Carat Black - Mother's Day [third sample, trumpets]

(this is basically the same track as Krunkepistomology,

just without the short samples at the end.

The short samples are present in the

F10rida versions of the track.)

2. Epistemology Suite 2: Like Cats

<none found>


3. Epistemology Suite 3: You're Enron / Time Is Weak

The David - Time M [time is weak sample]


4. Summer's Gonna Hurt You (EP version)

Kim Fowley - The Trip [EP version intro]

For rest of the samples, see Florida's "Summer's Gonna Hurt You"




Diplo - Florida (2004)


1. Florida

Richard Tevis - Hello [guitar sample & 1st vocal]

Richard Tevis - What's Your Name [2nd vocal]

The Temptations - Ain't No Sunshine [drums]


2. Big Lost

see "Lost Under My Sheets"


3. Sarah

see "One"


4. Into The Sun (feat. Martina Topley-Bird)

The Chocolate Watchband - The Inner Mystique [main, reversed]


5. Way More

Roberto Yanes - Una Historia [main sample / horns]

The United States Of America - Cloud Song [vocals]

Placebo - Aria [outro sample]


6. Money Power Respect

Guy Pedersen - Percussion Bass [main]

Samples the bath tub clip from Harmony Korine's movie "Gummo" near the end of the film when two kids sell chocolate to Solomon's mother. [vocal sample]


7. Diplo Rhythm (feat. Sandra Melody, Vybz Cartel & Pantera Os Danadinhos)

Jonathan Dunn - Platoon NES Main Theme [main]

Kraftwerk - Tour De France [end drums]


8. Works

Del Jones - Prelude Ta Hell [intro]

Kevin Ayers - There Is Loving Among Us, There Is Loving [second sample]

Egg - Boilk (Incl. Bach: Durch Adams Fall Ist Ganz Verderbt) [sfx]


9. Indian Thick Jawns

Ananda Shankar - Night in the Forest [chorus flute sample]


10. Summer's Gonna Hurt You

Matti Caspi - Hine Hine (Album Version) [intro]

Rare Bird - Beautiful Scarlet [main]

Múm - The Ballad of the Broken Birdie Records [bell sample]

The Sérgio Mendes Trio - Reza [vocals]


11. It's All Part Of A Bigger Plan

<none found>




Bonus Stuff


F10rida reworks (2014)


1. As I Lay Dying - rework of Into The Sun (originally called As I Lay Dying)

The Chocolate Watchband - The Inner Mystique [main, reversed]


2. Flute Jawn - rework of Slow Fall

Richard Twice - If I Knew You Were The One [main]


3. Making It Hard - rework of Making It Hard

Hollins and Starr - Sideways Talking [main]


4. Now's The Time - rework of Variation In Krunk / Now's The Time

<none found>






Summer's Gonna Hurt You (Promo Version) (2003?)

Same as the Florida version, but the end bonus beat sample has not been found.


Into The Sun (Demo) (?)

The vocal part at the end is from WIlliam Faulkner's Nobel Prize Speech.


[Our tragedy today is a general and universal physical fear so long sustained by now that we can even bear it. There are no longer problems of the spirit. - vocal sample]




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