niclauke < back c a n e p h o r a just writing stuff that comes to my mind! c a n e p h o r a 20. nov / 16 III. hey! ..I take it back! the reason why I critizized computer sampling..really came out of hearing that the biggest ones were not doing it..i've been 100% wrong. so i've been putting tracks together for the album. yeah, i've "restarted" the album once again, but I think i'm on the right line now.. i've got three tracks done now.
it's real psychedelic and im having tons of fun making it. some inspirations come actually from the great band called red elvises..their "lunatics & poets" album is fantastic, and I think more people should listen to it. no, it's not hip-hop, trip-hop or whatever. it's surf! i'm really excited about the new LP. it's gonna take some time, i've gotta buy more records. i've went through every single piece of vinyl I have in my home here, and I need new stuff! ..thinking local, but also taking a trip to the capital. they have a lot of record shops there which I haven't even been too..yet, which is going to be fun to dig in. i've got the mpc2000xl now..yeah I have a lot of hardware samplers, I know, but they are really fun to chop and use! I use the 2000XL together with FL studio,
works really good! I haven't got no mods on it neither an SCSI drive so I am using ton of floppies. if I would do a whole "album" track on the 2000Xl i'd probably need
like 13 floppies...maybe much more. it's a great little chopping drum machine, imo much better than the mpc1000....though jjos chopped faster. it just feels more better too, pads and buttons work much better. even though I like the little 1000, I think I am going to sell it. I have no use for it anymore. ..i've also got the sp-202 now. I use it for sampling and pitching before I put it into the MPC2000XL. sometimes I go lo-fi, sometimes I go hi-fi. depends on the mood. I started planning my album almost a year ago. it was going to be the next thing after "complex". The album was firstly called "The Contempt", and I finished it. But I wasn't happy with how it turned out, so I canned it. I think I made around 10 other prototypes of albums after that...some of it was what the album is starting to turn out. my mainlands suite is going to be on the LP, I made that when I had my room up on second floor of the house, and I had a great great view. I think paperback trees, which I made in the garage attic also gonna come on the album. even though it's a short one. this album was originally called "welcome to paradise", and had a lot of other sampled tracks but I wasn't enjoying them either.. I also planned to make the album strictly sp-303, but I rethought that after three tracks.. the album was originally going to be non-sampled. including coil, and other tracks that's up on my soundcloud page. but i'll release those tracks, they are not
for the LP project, they are just my normal work. I guess... there's probably more prototypes I done..I just can't remember them right now. so untill next time!
nic c a n e p h o r a 7. september 2016 II. quick thoughts & progress [REDACTED] untill next time,
Nic c a n e p h o r a 3. august 2016 I. midnight in a perfect world it's 9pm here. I'm listening to long stem on Endtroducing..... unfort., it's a repress. I'm not into represses of vinyl really, because it destroys the soul of the old record. I feel the old records have soul because they have been listened to by others and used by them. they have a bit of history in them. I've also got the stem 7" single, bought in London. I don't listen to it THAT much, but it is pretty neat. it's a 7" though, so it doesn't have Long Stem on it, which is my favourite part of the track. Endtroducing..... really is a special album in itself. not only because it's a "totally" sampled album, but also when thinking where the samples come from, and how unknown the stuff Davis sampled was. I was so inspired by re-listening to this, and of-course re-listening to my top #1 album..Diplo's Florida that I went and ordered a MASCHINE. "but hey! you already have a sp-303 and a mpc1000! why do you need this one??" well, the reason for it was mostly so I can work both via hardware and computer. I want to really get into digging. I mean, there isn't as much record shops here as in the US..but there is old obscure Norwegian stuff that's scattered all around the country. also, there is a lot of imported old vinyl that probably never saw the light of day...thinking this was their golden chance but they never reached the top. I've got a lot of old Swiss and Norwegian records. Swiss is mostly because my grandpa was a Swiss, and my family collected a lot of old records from there. mostly classical stuff. I want to go to record conventions and old thrift stores and stuff...that's exactly what I am going to do. have you ever heard about that smiles - I'm just a star on a democratic flag song? the one that shadow brought up and showed to the world from a white label recovered from the 60s? well, that's what got me into shadow I remember. someone posted it on-line as "who in the world is smiles and where can I get their record" thingy..and I was like "DJ Shadow"? who dis? and I was instantly hooked onto his mixes...I didn't really get into Endtroducing..... before a year after or so though. the "smiles" story really reminds me of the "Stay (the second time around)" search..which I was lucky to be a part of! someone taped a new wave track on German radio in the 80s but had no clue of the song title or artist. he posted it up on-line and sent CDs around to people but no-one knew. it popped up on forums in 2002 and on YouTube in 2007. when Reddit came about this track hit about 100k views on YT and the Swedish radio PP3 picked it up and asked their listeners "What is this song? who sings it?" two callers called in, named the track, it all went crazy. it was sung by a Swedish guy! Johan Lindell was his name, and the track was called on the roof. I remember when this was discovered there was this massive hype and everyone who had been looking for it went nuts. the track and all his LPs were re-mastered and put on Spotify and iTunes and he became an instant favourite for me. I really enjoyed this, because it is a hunt. you're scattering through old archives and discographies trying to find out where in the world this music comes from.. I remember I was up late nights searching for this. it was really fun..and it felt really haunting too, for some reason. it's like this small loop of a track being played over and over and nobody knows where it's from... absolutely nobody. there are more songs like this which haven't been found yet, like the "smiles" one and one called Danger-zone that's on YouTube.. been searching for these as well. it is really fun. that's all I have for today.
it's now almost 10pm. until next time!