Effex Twin - Cheetah EP (Re: View)


7 track EP on Warp (WaSp) - Rec 2016

Only 6 track on Vinyl.



Richard D. James does it again! (Whereas the D stands for RIchard. Atleast thats what a norwegian interviewer on P3 thought. "or Dick rather")

Cheetah EP is a cool EP. I mean like, for production too, cuz he used a hard ass Synth. It's like building a man among machine, but you're limited to one man.

It is the LAST thing he's done since "CCAIpt2" (which was SLICK nICE warp record)

My Cool track iz CHEETAHT7b (second trax), has Cool base line. it really sets the spot. (was this track inspired by JEwl C)E - Vug Ax

Otha c00l track is the end of CIRKLOn3 [ Big Mix ] , which has this detuned synth which I find to be one of the highlights of the EP. (It also teases the end in the beginning :o)

CIRKLOn 1 als0 has some Pretty Intersting STuff, n then we have 2 Trax (ms800 1b and 2), which are just 27 and 37 sec long.

Wow!!! The first track is really nice, it's like a futuristic 80s intro track to some sort of show, while the other track

is like another intro. These tracks for me are the coolest tracks on the Ep, even though their short length.

2x202-st5 (which was Like a Bonus for DIgital and nOn- Vinyl ( PEPEPLE ) People), has a cool bass RHythm and is really nice.

CheetAHT 2 ( LD Bang Drum ) (((firsttrack))) , is a intersting track. This EP is like a soundtrack for a futuristic old Windows machines.

It was made on a Cheetah MS800 or something like that, which is the "hardest synth to work on in the world"? (some say) so I find that cool that EPhaix workwith thsi ME ME M.

It is a bit "empty" if You think about his other EWP and Album (But who the fuck cares? Let fucking RDJ decide for himself what to release and make.)

Cool EP in general, I liek the art too. it's really blue and Diner friendly.



Cool EP.

Cool trax: the two short ones (ms800 1b and 2 ) + second track (bass track).

Cool art.




I rate:


Whereas fromd own to bottom: (x - Meh - OKk - Cool - Big - Smack)


Get it at Wasp's "BLEEP" thingy on their website:

(Vinyl reccomennd!!! - If sold out, try Discogs)




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